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About The Book

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Brittany Krystantos 

Not many of us know what it was like to live with Selective Mutism, Brittany not only survived seven years of being muted but thrived through it! At just the age of 21-year-old, Brittany has two published books written to inspire young people. She wrote her first book, "I Am Not Your Average Teen," at just the age of fifteen. She has continued her mission to empower young people through her talks and books. Her second book, “Beneath And Beyond”, which helped young people in critical stages of mental illness. As well as her third book, “ Boy Bye” will be released this summer. She has converted her experience and turned her struggle into empowering other girls to love themselves and young people to heal their lives. Brittany is currently working on a Television series pilot.  Check her books, "I Am Not Your Average Teen" and "Beneath And Beyond." 

*Visit Amazon, Kindle and iBooks to read previous books released by Brittany

About The Brand 


Brittany Ennis

Flourish Visuals is a photography company that embraces the moments captured through sports, music, culture and entertainment. Brittany Ennis the creative director and owner of the business has also expanded the Flourish brand. This summer 'Flourish Clothing' will be available for purchase. To get updates and release dates follow the movement on Instagram: 

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"Made especially to attract the attention of others".

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